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LESC Logbook Endorsements

Solo Student Endorsements LableSolo_Endorsements.pdf
Private Pilot Practical Test Endorsements LablePrivate_Endorsements.pdf
Commercial Pilot Practical Test Endorsements LableCommercial_Endorsements.pdf
CFIG Practical Test Endorsements LableCFIG_Endorsements.pdf
Flight Review Endorsement LableFlight Review.pdf
Aircraft Checkout Endorsement LableAC_Checkout_Endorsement.pdf

LESC Documents

Aero Tow Signals.signals.pdf
Basic Aircraft Radio Lesson PlanBASIC_AIRCRAFT_RADIO.pdf
Callair A-9 Checklistcallairchklst.pdf
Callair A-9 Manuala9.pdf
Cross Country Planner Worksheet.XCPLNR.pdf
Field ChecklistField Check.pdf
Glider Alien Training Regulation Exemption.TSA-exemption-letter.pdf
Icom IC-A3 Handheld Aircraft Radio Manual.ic_a3.pdf
LESC Associate Membership CardsAssociate Membership Card.pdf
LESC BylawsBylaws.pdf
LESC Flight Review Questionnaire.LESC Flight Review Questionnaire.pdf
LESC New Student Kit.new student kit.pdf
LESC Post-Solo Student Instructions.FROM_SOLO_TO_LICENSE.pdf
LESC Pre-Solo Written Test.pre solo written.pdf
LESC Safety Action Request.sar.pdf
LESC Solo Student Endorsements.Solo_Endorsements.pdf
LESC Standard Operating Procedures.lesc_sop.pdf
LESC Tow Log.TowLog.pdf
LESC Tow Pilot Document Checklist.TP document checklist.pdf
LESC Tow Pilot Primer.Tow pilot primer.pdf
LESC Tow Pilot Qualifications.Tow Pilot qualifications.pdf
LESC Tow Pilot Requirements.LESC_towpilot_req.pdf
March Air Reserve Base Midair Collision Avoidance Manual.MarchMACA.pdf
METAR Decoding Key.metartaf.pdf
Pilatus B4 Manual.pilatus_b4.pdf
Pilatus B4 Weight & Balance Form.pilatus-wb.pdf
Pseudio Adiabatic Chartadiabatic.pdf
SGS 1-26 Manual1-26.pdf
SGS 1-34 Manualman134.pdf
SGS 2-32 ManualSGS 2-32 Manual.pdf
SGS 2-33 Manual2-33.pdf
Supervision of Solo Students document from Costello.supsolo.pdf