Diamond Goal from Skylark Field?

August 2, 1997 - Skylark Field, Lake Elsinore, CA.

Skylark Field was considered to be one of "the" Meccas of soaring through the 60's and 70's. Because the airport is below the floodplain of Lake Elsinore, the operation has been shut down several times over the years because of flooding, sometimes with catastrophic results for the FBO's.

In 1989, the Lake Elsinore Soaring Club moved to Skylark Field and a wholehearted attempt was made by club members to re-establish Skylark Field as a major soaring center.

Their efforts have not gone unrewarded.

Recently, some club members have proven that "you can get out of Elsinore". Several cross country flights have been logged from Skylark Field in the last five years and, on August 2nd 1997, LESC clubmember Kevin Perry flew and documented a flight beginning and ending at Skylark Field that fulfilled the requirements for his Gold Distance, Gold Altitude and Diamond Goal. The start was Skylark Field, turnpoint 1 was Borrego Airpark, turnpoint 2 was Big Bear City Airport and a return to Skylark Field.

Except for Dan Gonzales, who flies this route before breakfast (with a yawn), nobody has flown (much less applied for) these badge legs from Skylark in almost 20 years!

See the photos below for the proof: ....Click on small photos to see the original.

Richard holds the Declaration...... Deparute Point, Skylark Field, Lake Elsinore, CA...... Borrego Air Park Turnpoint Photo..... Big Bear City Airport..... The Ship

The Declaration --------- Skylark Field ------------- Borrego Air Park ------- Big Bear City Airport -- The Ship