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What is the LESC?

The Lake Elsinore Soaring Club (LESC) presently has approximately 100 regular members and is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to providing safe, inexpensive soaring to its members and the community. Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life come together here, at Skylark Field, to soar the Santa Ana Mountains, the Elsinore Valley, the Sedco Hills and beyond. The club is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America

The Elsinore Valley provides ideal soaring conditions throughout the year.

The Lake Elsinore Soaring Club (LESC) was founded in the late 1980's by Anne Jonsson and George Sedillo, both seasoned 1-26 drivers. The club originally flew from Adelanto, CA. We moved to Skylark Field in Lake Elsinore, CA in 1989.

The first flight as the LESC was made on September 30th, 1989. President Rick Gulewich, George Sedillo, Curly Annis and Anne Jonsson took our first flights as a club in our only aircraft N65863. The next weekend Loc Pham, Jessie Rios, Mary Perkins, and Kevin all went up to enjoy the skies over Lake Elsinore. For some it was the first time at Elsinore, for others it was a wonderful moment to be back in the skies of a fantastic soaring site. These were the original members of the LESC.

The founding members original goals were as follows:

  1. They so strongly wanted to start a soaring club that maintained a high level of safety, (as many soaring clubs had a bad reputation for ignoring safety, and ruining good equipment). They didn’t want to be an average “club”, they wanted to be better than that. They didn’t want people shaking their heads and rumoring at other airports about the incredible stunts that glider clubs are known to pull. They wanted students to be of the highest caliber pilots. They wanted to be the best!
  2. They wanted to make the most affordable glider site that we could possibly manage. They felt that the sport of soaring had become expensive, and that they could offer membership, instruction and tows at a much better price than our FBO counterparts. They always tried to discount tows, and lower our profits. They didn’t seek to grow exponentially with equipment, but to offer more, for less.
  3. They wanted to have fun!


Instruction is offered in many areas from basic training (scratch to solo) to more advanced techniques such as ridge and cross-country training. Lessons must be pre-arranged and are sceduled in 1.5 hour blocks. Current rates for an instructor is a flat $30.00 per each each 1.5 hour block of scheduled time.

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