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Wave to 14,000' on 02/17/97

by Gary Bushouse

On Presidents Day February 17th, Brent Covington with his 1-26, Bill Hassan in the club 1-36, Gary Bushouse in his Pilatus and two associate members from AGCSC in their club Blanik found the Elsinore Wave fully working.

Winds aloft were WSW from 20 to 35 mph, which causes a long area of wave lift along the ridgeline adjacent to the airport. Wave lift was encounteered below 2,000 ft. AGL, where most got off tow.

Flights were made circumnavigating Lake Elsinore and well beyond to 14,000 feet before having to hurry back to Skylark field to beat a line of Cu-Nimbus which was rapidly approaching. Upon entering the pattern, everyone found an interesting area of what was concluded to be rotor right where the base leg was flown. After an interesting landing, we all tied down in the rain and went in to reflect on an outstanding day of soaring!

Upon reflection, if we would've thought ahead everyone would have qualified for their Silver and Gold height gain legs. But no one thought about that before takeoff!!!

We're all now looking forward to another outstanding day of Elsinore Wave!

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