LESC Scheduling Policy

Multiple Reservations

Since we are a club and need to share resources fairly, LESC has established a policy where you may not reserve the same resource (CFI-G or glider) more than once per day, unless on the same day you want to fly that resource is available, then by all means use it.

Cancellations / No Shows

Members who canít make thier scheduled reservation will be required to:

  1. If the cancellation is as late as the day of the flight:
    The Member must call the Instructorís Cell phone (hopefully with some notice). Instructors phone numbers are in the Members Only section of our web site.

In the event that a Member misses a reservation without complying with the policy above, access to the online schedule will be suspended (the Board reserves the right to remove future reservations from the online schedule for repeat offenders) and a fine of $40 will be imposed. $20 will go to the club and $20 will go to any scheduled CFIG. Any funds paid to the club will be used towards paying the fines first. In other words, if a fine is outstanding and dues are paid, the first $40 will go towards the fine and the $10 balance will go towards dues.