Pre-Solo Task Completion Standards

This is a list of the completion standards for the tasks that LESC's students must accomplish prior to soloing. You will notice there is no fixed time or number of flights associated with these tasks. The frequency that a student can fly will have the greatest impact on the progress of these tasks. Flying often yields faster progress, so fly as often as you can.

This list follows the layout of the Solo Maneuvers Checklist that your instructors use to track your progress. Each task is graded on this sheet using the following criteria:

  1. Task introduced.
  2. Task practiced.
  3. Task performed at an acceptable level.
  4. Task performed at an above average level.
  5. Task mastery.

Students must perform all tasks at a minimum acceptable level (3) without prompting or input from their instructor before they are allowed to solo.

Ground Work


Air Work